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Welcome to Jetpack Professional!

The Professional plan is the very best of what Jetpack has to offer in site protection, backups, and traffic generation. It’s meant for businesses or professional bloggers who need more frequent backups, adequate space for large video content, and powerful tools for better search engine optimization.

With Jetpack Professional, you get all the features included in our other plans, including backups, malware scans, video hosting, and priority support. You also receive exclusive access to more than 200 premium WordPress themes and an Elasticsearch-powered utility for the best possible search experience.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included.

Bulletproof Content Backup and Security Scanning

Jetpack’s backup service creates secure copies of all of your content, including posts, pages, and your media library. These copies are stored in the same offsite data centers we use for WordPress.com, so your content can be accessed and restored no matter what happens to your site.

Jetpack is currently in the process of moving to a new backup engine. Currently, by default, Jetpack uses the power of VaultPress to handle the backup process, and this plugin will be installed as part of the purchase process.

Using VaultPress, real-time backups of your content will start generating the same day that your Professional plan is activated. To view or restore your backups, head to Jetpack > VaultPress in your WordPress dashboard and click Visit the VaultPress dashboard. From there, you can view or restore backups created since your subscription began.

VaultPress dashboard for backups

You can access your dedicated backup dashboard at any time via dashboard.vaultpress.com.

If you need to restore a backup using our famous one-click process, simply click on the Restore button.


Check out this page to learn more about backups and one-click restores, including how to restore a backup to a different site for testing purposes.

If you’ve opted into our new backup engine: backups are handled directly by Jetpack and also occur in real-time.

Our new backup engine is integrated directly into your site’s activity log, which will allow you to restore to any single point in time using the magical Rewind button. You can also download any available backup directly from the Activity Log.

If you’d like to enable the new backup engine for your site, you can do so via any notices in your Jetpack dashboard or by getting in touch with our Happiness Engineers.

200+ Premium Themes

Your Professional plan includes exclusive access to more than 200 premium themes designed to make your site look great and convert more visitors into followers or customers.

To browse, preview, and activate these themes, visit the WordPress.com Theme Showcase here. From this page you’ll be able to view all the themes available to you.

If you want to find themes with a specific feature or layout — for example, with a column on the right side — or designed for a certain type of business, you can use the search and filtering options at the top of this page.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 2.47.19 PM


Incredible WordPress Search

Jetpack Professional includes a unique, Elasticsearch-powered service, that you can use to replace the default WordPress site search with a superior experience that your visitors will absolutely love.

Jetpack’s search service delivers faster – and more relevant – search results when visitors search your site’s contents or product listings. It’s also powered by the Jetpack cloud, so you’ll never have to worry about it slowing down your site.

Learn more about this exclusive search upgrade.

Unlimited Video Hosting

If you have a lot of video files, Jetpack Professional can handle them. With your plan, you get unlimited storage for your video content.

All hosted videos are ad-free and unbranded, and are served at high speeds — no buffering required. The videos you host with us are also included in your site stats, so you can see how many of your visitors watched them.

To activate your video hosting after purchasing a Professional plan, visit Settings > Writing and activate the Fast, ad-free video hosting setting. Then you’ll be able to upload videos directly from your Media Library and insert them into your content.

Jetpack Premium Video Settings

Learn more about video hosting.

Monetize Your Site With Advertising

Generating revenue from your site is highly desirable, and Jetpack aims to make it painless. With your plan, you can activate high quality promotional content that’s served to your visitors via a custom advertising program.

If you choose to participate, you’ll begin earning whenever a visitor clicks on an ad. And don’t worry about ugly advertising: the content displayed on your site is optimized for WordPress, so it’ll fit right in with your design, no matter what it is.

Jetpack Ads Settings

Learn more about the ad program and monetizing your site.

Monetize Your Site With PayPal

Jetpack Professional gives you the ability to very simply take payments from your site for products, donations, and services via PayPal. Jetpack makes generating revenue from your site painless.

Learn more about monetizing your site with PayPal.

Rank Higher With Powerful SEO Tools

Ranking highly in search engines is important to you, and your Professional plan can help you get better results with a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

Included is a seamless Google Analytics integration, which you can connect your Jetpack-powered WordPress site to Google’s powerful reporting tool and get more robust analysis on visitors, clicks, and overall site performance.


Learn more about connecting Jetpack to Google Analytics.

We also offer several other tools designed for better search engine performance, including live previews of how your Posts and Pages will appear on Google and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also be able to customize your site’s meta description, and change the meta information for individual pages for better results.

Learn more about the SEO benefits provided by your plan.

Effortless Spam Protection

Your Professional plan also includes automated spam protection powered by Akismet, the web’s most trusted spam recognition tool. Since 2005, Akismet has been the most beloved anti-spam solution for WordPress sites, and it currently filters roughly 7.5 million pieces of spam every hour.

Akismet automatically reviews and filters all spam comments, pingbacks from other sites, and content form submissions for you. If you want to view the comments and pingbacks Akismet has flagged as spam, click Comments from your WordPress dashboard, then choose the Spam option.

You can learn a little more about manually flagging (and unflagging) comments right here.

Expert Priority Support When You Need It

When you purchase a Jetpack plan, you receive expedited service from our team of WordPress experts whenever you contact us.

Whether you’re having trouble restoring a backup or simply have a question about customizing your theme, you can contact support at any time to get fast, friendly service.

Learn More

Need more information on what’s included in your plan? See the full breakdown.

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