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Jetpack backs up your site and safely stores this data on our servers for safekeeping. Initial backups can vary in length from a few minutes to many hours depending on size. After an initial backup is made, subsequent backups will be much quicker, since we only backup files that have changed.

Your data is backed up and replicated offsite on our global data centers, the same ones as used for WordPress.com. This keeps the data safe in the event that something happens to your site, but still fully accessible by both you and our support team.

Daily vs. real-time backups

Daily backups are backups that are run once daily. Real-time backups work a bit differently in that your site notifies us of any changes, and those changes prompt a backup to be made right away.

We generally recommend users who have very active sites, like those running a WooCommerce store, bbPress, or high-activity blog, to pick a Jetpack plan with the real-time backup feature.

What isn’t backed up

By default we only back up your WordPress-related files. Everything inside the wp-content folder, which includes themes, plugins, and uploads, is saved. However, we do not back up core WordPress files, since these should not be modified.

If you would like to back up directories outside of your wp-content folder, please contact support specifying the directories that you need backed up so we can add them to your site profile.

Giving us access to your servers

For our restores, migrations, and to fix security issues using our tools, we’ll need valid FTP, SFTP, or SSH credentials to connect to your servers. When you signed up for a plan with your host, they should have provided this info to you. It should also be accessible in your hosting panel (cPanel, Plesk, etc). If you can’t find this information, we recommend contacting your host’s support.

If you choose create a SFTP user for our backup service, please make sure that user has full read and write privileges, since we’ll need those for security and restore options.

For very large sites, backups can take several hours. For these sites, we recommend using SSH instead of FTP or SFTP, since this is a faster protocol.

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