Learn Jetpack


Quickstart: A Checklist

Feel comfortable with online tools, and don’t want the step-by-step version? The Quick Start Guide takes you on a no-nonsense tour of the basics.

If you want more hand-holding (and we don’t blame you!), skip this guide and tackle the other sections to create the most awesome site on the internet.

Get started: register, pick a plan, and proceed with world domination.

  1. Register: Go to WordPress.com and create a username and password. 

Why do I need a WordPress.com account?

Many of Jetpack’s core features make use of the WordPress.com cloud. In order to make sure everything works correctly, Jetpack requires you to connect a (free) WordPress.com account. If you don’t already have an account you can easily create one during the connection process.

  1. Register a domain: get your own custom Myaddress.com URL.
  2. Get hosting: choose from one of our recommendations, or choose your own. Jetpack follows the WordPress host requirements.
  3. Pick a plan: Choose between Free, Personal, Premium, and Professional.  (What’s the difference between the plans?)
  4. Prepare to fly: connect Jetpack!

Get started: learn your way around Jetpack.

When you become a Jetpack member, you join a community of Rocketeers!  Keep up with the news,  meet fellow users, or take a deep dive into Jetpack features.

Now you’ve grazed the surface, why not dip into our in-depth guides in the following sections, starting with Get Started?


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