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Ready for your site to take off with Jetpack? Whether you want to be a Jetpack pro or just need to get started, you’ve come to the right place.

To learn how to get comfortable with Jetpack, annihilate spam comments, protect your site, and more! To get the most out of this guide, go through this site section by section.

Here are a couple of recommended resources to get you up to speed even faster:

  1. Get Comfy: Learn more about WordPress.com, and how we can help you manage multiple Jetpack-connected sites.
  2. Get Support: We’re here to help.


  1. Go to https://wordpress.com/jetpack/connect
  2. Where it says Site Address input your website you wish to connect to Jetpack
  3. Click the Connect Now button
  4. After processing and loading, your site will be connected to Jetpack

After these steps, you will have successfully installed and connected to WordPress.com using Jetpack! 

What type of plan is right for you?

After installing your Jetpack, there are several plans you can choose from to enhance your experience! For a detailed feature comparison of all plans, you can see them on the plan comparison page.

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